Yalestation dating

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Yalestation dating

But that’s just it–you’re connected, but you’re not connected. Social Networking is like an itch that has to be scratched.It’s like how my 15-year-old niece will text with someone else while at the dinner table with family.

When I see students in the university town where I live talking on cell phones while on a bicycle or even a Once, at an impromptu Q & A I attended at a local community college, a young student decided to text with someone while he was just in front of the director of the program he was trying to be admitted to.

I’ve been on it for a short time, and I must say I’m still wary of it, for diverse reasons. With Facebook, I’ve stayed in touch with family members that are spread out across the world and reconnected with old friends.

I’ve exchanged inside jokes with a friend who moved away, found out another has had five kids since I last saw her a decade ago, and learned how my niece is getting along teaching English in Rio de Janeiro (complete with lots of pictures.) But I’ve also learned that another niece got a speeding ticket for going 60 in a 30-mph zone.

Goldstein is from Alaskan Seafood, the main sponsor of the event, Alaskan Seafood (who also happened to have just signed a contract to supply Yale with salmon).

Judges chose the winners based not just on presentation and taste, but also on sanitation and sustainability – so if you were going to use potato as an ingredient, you scored points if you used the whole potato as opposed to small bits of it.

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