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HEALTH BENEFITS Pomfret is very low in calories and fat. It is very good for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. It contains high amount of omega 3 fatty acids which reduces the risks of cardiovascular problem development.It supplies DHA which an important component for brain development.

The nice thing about vols-au-vent is that you can use them for savory or sweet fillings. A useful brain food, the pomfret is good for eyesight and healthy hair and skin.CULINARY METHOD Pomfret fish curry, Steamed pomfret with Thai sauce and Grilled Pomfret are the few popular dishes.I didn't have the cutters, so I did my best with squares. And how could I not like it when my favorite pastry is a Napoleon? You stick the tops onto the bases with an egg wash. I did succeed with getting the required layers, but not as high as I would have liked.

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