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A small bit of backstory on me: my day job involves configuring, tracking and managing Windows laptops and desktops for a ~500 person non-profit.

The tips I'm sharing below are what I've picked up since starting the job seven months ago.

Even if the end product isn't pretty, it's better than nothing. You're going to have times when your bosses demand a fix for that thing they heard about on the news, and the only answer you can give them is, "We have to wait for updates." It happens.

Know it's going to happen, so you're not blindsided.

In the past, a Windows installation image would need to be customized with specific drivers for each machine.

Although patch management is sometimes viewed as a systems management discipline, rather than a security discipline, its role in addressing vulnerabilities through the deployment of updates makes it a vital component in an organization’s security operations.

Windows and the enterprise market have gone together like peas and carrots since computers were brought into the mainstream, and that relationship has continued since then.

Managing a fleet of Windows 10 computers in an enterprise setting is easier than ever, but there are still some things to consider when setting up your environment.

There will be a day when I'm on vacation or no longer working for my company, and someone else will need to set up a Windows computer.

If you're an IT admin, just write down the processes for everything you do.

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Almost as important, it will let you reduce Internet costs and bandwidth use.

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