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Note: there is a Gradle plugin in the works by the same author!

Last but not least, I would like to thanks Martin Grigorov for guiding me in writing this small article, making nice amendments to it and for he's invaluable work maintaining Apache Wicket.

Lately I observe that the ecosystem provides much more (and better! For example there are tools to generate CSS like Less.js, SASS, Stylus, minimizers like Clean CSS, Uglify JS, linting tools like JSHint and JSLint and many more.

All these are available in the JVM world via Rhino but it is kind of slow...

At we use and puts it in the classpath, so everything Just Works™.

Most of the build work flows provide a way to watch the resources for modifications and reload the browser automatically for you to see the changes.

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Hosting a Wordpress blog is almost gratis, where Java hosting brought considerable costs with it.