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Who travis stork dating

After that, he dated a country song singer but the relationship again didn't go quite well.

In Barker was involved in a horrific crash, where he was only one of two survivors.

In fact, he makes sure he is always setting a good example for his fans and those that follow his work and career.

In most of his books, Travis shows the importance of physical exercise — and makes sure he fits this into his busy lifestyle.

Celebrity guests Just like Aaron Carter, many celebrity guests have taken a seat in The Doctors studio to seek help from Dr. In Basketball player and ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, took a seat to address his substance abuse problem. Since his appearance on The Doctors, Aaron Carter has yet to seek treatment for his substance addiction.

A few days after the interview, Odom checked himself into a rehab clinic, thanks to Dr. Although Travis urged him to seek help through rehabilitation treatment, Aaron has not complied, due to musical commitments and his own state of mind.

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Travis, naturally, is concerned about his reluctance and his worsening health — but realizes that only Aaron himself can make the decision to get help. Feeling proud There have been hundreds of celebrities on the sofa with Dr.