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She became known for a parody of Taylor Swift's song "I Knew You Were Trouble", inspired by Swift's relationship with Harry Styles.She then wrote a follow up song about their relationship which was posted online in early 2013."Gasoline" was not released as a single and was only included on the deluxe version of Badlands, but became one of the album's most popular tracks; it is the album's third most streamed track on Spotify, The Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director of the company, James Gager, said "It feels like a great thing to be able to support artists who are breaking through but aren't necessarily at the top top, to push them forward." The song achieved major commercial success; it topped the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 consecutive weeks, topped the charts of 12 other countries, sold more than 15 million units worldwide, and is one of most streamed songs on Spotify."Now or Never" was released on April 4 as the lead single from her second studio album, and because it preceded the release of her second studio album, it was released as an instant grat with the album's pre-order.Tennyson Donnie Coleman reports from The Original Tony Lukes in Philadelphia.Check out the full story on When it was time to take the face off photo, Morgan said “I have no intention of hitting you now, I’m waiting for the fight.” Dykstra had other plans.Plus, some Jadeveon Clowney talk, possible trade bait on the Eagles roster and which players are most interesting in Thursday's preseason finale against the Jets. Everyone expects Mc Lane Carter, but head coach Chris Ash wants to keep it a mystery - and he is going to great lengths to do so.

She released her debut EP, Room 93, later that year, and toured with larger acts to promote her music.Also, when she was 17, she became romantically involved with a man who was 24 and lived on the Halsey Street in Brooklyn.Frangipane said, "That's where I first starting writing music and where I started to feel like I was a part of something bigger than my town in middle of nowhere New Jersey.Halsey's debut studio album, Badlands, was released on August 28, 2015.She described Badlands as a concept album about a dystopian future society known as "The Badlands", which was a metaphor for her mental state at the time, stating that each song meant something different to her.

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  1. In January 2006, Ackles opened up to People about what he was looking for in a woman, saying, “Ultimately [I] want someone who you can pal around with and also be intimate with. It may sound cheesy, but someone who can be your best friend as well as your love.” He and Harris started dating shortly after.