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Who is matt stone dating

Matt his simply his buddy from college he bounces ideas off of and jokes with while stoned.

I always got the sense that Trey was a tortured soul, like most artists are.

This legendary memo, from Stone to the MPAA, was sent along with the movie’s second cut.

The first picture is of the whole memo; below that is a close-up of the text. See also: Monty Python's I would like to retain 'fart in your general direction.' (Letter taken from the More Letters of Note book; reproduced with Matt Stone's permission.

You might think south park is not funny but The Book of Mormon grossed 200 million dollars, South Park has netted them 300 million (I happen to think South Park is still funny)...i have worked with both of them. I don't give a fuck what they stick their dicks into.

Trey's social commentary is brilliant and hilarious.

Behind all the toilet humor, there's a very endearing heart to his characters, not unlike the Peanuts gang.

They said she's the only celeb they really hate, and that's the reason they gave for it.

The show is probably funny sometimes, after all it's stayed on so long, but I refuse to watch it because of their politics. Also, I am sorry to say, people tell you that you're the shit long enough, it will go to your head eventually.

I haven't but I got sucked into reading some online discussion about Trey Parker and his stripper girlfriend that was just sordid.

Basically Trey was betrayed by a high school/college girlfriend and so wounded that he thinks all women are whores and only dates strippers now.

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