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A quick summary of the 1997 record: Biggie raps about having a romantic rendezvous with a woman who is dating a New York Knick.

G.’s “I Got a Story to Tell” is classic hip-hop storytelling at its best.

But when the player comes home while they’re still in bed, Big acts like a robber to maneuver his way out of a sticky situation.

One of the greatest mysteries of “I Got a Story to Tell” was the identity of the “six-five” Knick.

If she says 'fuck Irv Gotti' until she's in the grave, I deserve it. ' Ain't it Funny,' number one for 15 weeks.

I'm a fucking idiot, I abandoned her, that and loyalty. ' I'm Real' went number one for 21 weeks. Benny Medina was like, ' Irv Gotti is doing all her music.

Gotti not only wants to use classic hip-hop records as inspiration, but is thinking of fresh ways to advance the stories by adding new plot lines.

“The interesting thing with is let’s now dive into what the female was thinking, why she cheated on her fiancé, why she did this and it ended up like this,” Gotti tells Genius.

His net worth in the year 2015 is around 30 million American dollars that can be said as increasing sum compared to previous years.He is active person within the music industry from the past age of 1992 till today sincerely working across the industry.His personal life is equally successful as is professional career.He is not a gay it means because of getting married with a girl and having lovely children across.Her wife Debbie also states that Irv was a great boyfriend and now a responsible husband indeed. He states, he often makes a visit across the fitness centers to balance his body and exercise every morning for the better and wealthy life.

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Lo used to go like this photos, she threw the M's up.

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