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The venture later expanded its acting division through the acting debuts of models Ki Do-hoon and Lee In January 2016, founder Lee Soo-man held a conference at the SM Coex Artium, announcing plans for a new boy group, NCT (Neo Culture Technology), with "unlimited members".SM reportedly stated that they had decided to end the litigation "to avoid bringing additional harm to U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, who are active as TVXQ, and to avoid making any more unneeded issues." On December 21, 2009, five months after the three former TVXQ members filed their lawsuit and while the dispute was still active, Han Geng, the only Chinese member of Super Junior, also filed a lawsuit against SM.Han Geng filed for similar reasons: unfair profit distribution, and an unfair thirteen-year contract that contained provisions in SM's favor that he was not allowed to revise or end. Representative of the entertainment industry in Asia, the company operates its own comprehensive entertainment business including artist development, record label services, talent agency services, music production, music publishing, event management, and concert production. , CSJH The Grace, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, J-Min, Shinee, f(x), Zhou Mi, Exo, Red Velvet, NCT, and produced and popularized artists like H. T., Fly to the Sky, Shinhwa, Trax X, and Henry Lau. and Shinvi were signed, respectively), but they later dissolved when their groups disbanded.

Plans for the school to be certified as an alternative program for domestic Korean middle and high school education, as well as US secondary school education, are also underway.

Their statement read, "(They) have had health problems and finally reached their physical limits, but SM Entertainment continued to send them abroad and plan excessive activities.

Thus, the three members have started to hope they will be able to continue their careers as they wish, instead of being used as tools for the agency's profits." On November 28, 2012, during a voluntary arbitration at the Seoul Central District Court, SM Entertainment and JYJ reached a mutual agreement to terminate all contracts between the two parties and not to interfere with each other's activities in the future, concluding the lawsuit.

In May, SM announced its highest ever first quarter operating profits, at KR₩10.4 billion, up 471% from the same period the previous year.

Gross revenue was reported at KR₩22.7 billion, a 58% increase on the previous year.

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In April 2011, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Key East, AMENT, and Star J Entertainment came together to form United Asia Management, a joint investment agency geared towards advancing Asian music worldwide.

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