Warehouse design and updating

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Developing a disaster recovery plan while gathering requirements, ensures that the organization is prepared to respond quickly to direct and indirect threats to the data warehouse.

Once the business requirements are set, the next step is to determine the physical environment for the data warehouse.

Front end development is how users will access the data for analysis and run reports.

There are many options available, including building your front end in-house or purchasing an off the shelf product.

User analysis and reporting requirements must be identified as well as hardware, development, testing, implementation, and user training.

Once the business and technical strategy has been decided the next step is to address how the organization will backup the data warehouse and how it will recover if the system fails.

This blog post will take a high-level look at the data warehouse design process from requirements gathering to implementation.

Gathering requirements is step one of the data warehouse design process.

An organization's long-term business strategy should be just as important as the current business and technical requirements.

The three critical elements of OLAP design include: During development, make sure the OLAP cube process is optimized.

A data warehouse is usually not a nightly priority run, and once the data warehouse has been updated, there little time left to update the OLAP cube.

Either way, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure the best experience for end users.

Secure access to the data from any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone should be the primary consideration.

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Once the data sources have been identified, the data warehouse team can begin building the logical and physical structures based on established requirements.

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