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Vb net datetimepicker validating

I'm working in VB 2003, but I've verified this happens in VB 2005 as well.

If you enter a single digit for a day or month, and don't change anything else in the date, the Value Changed event doesn't fire until after the Validating and Validated events.

when current row changes so that the whole record would be sent to the datatable, or before an .

End Current Edit is called), or at least to some "next cell" code.

What I mean by the latter is something on these lines.

2 digits in a cell which will take 2 digits) or when a new cell is moved to (e.g.

Is my only solution user education to do one of those things, or is there another way to get the value changed before Validating/Commit fires? The control is, I reckon, composed of various sub-controls.

Try using a custom format with a single marker for the day and the month. For me, that fires value changed with a single digit entry before validation fires. Using the analogy of a datagrid's rows, the movement from cell to cell within a row "commits" an edit to the cell that has just been left, and any move to a new row both "commits" the cell that has just been left and then "commits" the whole row that has just been left.

NET 2002/2003 section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions.

If I use up/down key to modify the month, in Date Time Picker_validating, if I get Date Time Picker.

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Since it's a separate control feeding the datagrid, waiting for data validation doesn't help, as the wrong data is getting fed to the datagrid.