Validating with xml schema difference between dating and boyfriendgirlfriend

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Validating with xml schema

Note that nested catalogs are still used for lookup of the URLs given as the sources of schema documents, so you can still delegate lookup to a catalog, you just need to list all schema URIs and their URL equivalents.

Properties can be used to set the schema used to validate the XML file.The PDS4_PDS_0800k.xsd' file is the file containing the namespace definition that corresponds to the "/v08" test version.The other schemas are there so you can try pointing to the wrong one to see what happens.We want to add a reference to the PDS4 master schema which we know is in our current workspace, so click the Workspace button, navigate down into the Schema folder and select the PDS4_PDS_0800file. button and select the file by navigating to it in the usual way.Either method will work, the point being that you can have a local schema repository that is not part of your personal workspace - a handy thing for group development.) It does matter which of the files you select.

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XML Catalog information is configured as one of the items in the Window- Eclipse maintains the XML catalog internally, so we'll be adding single entries to it via this dialogue box.

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