Validating international phone numbers validating testing ecommerce platform

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Validating international phone numbers

With over 6 billion registered mobile phones, the demand to ensure phone numbers are correct, dialable, and FCC compliant was never greater.DOTS Phone Exchange 2 now offers a complete validation and formatting solution for domestic and international phone numbers.This phone number is not used to identify a user from an incoming call by default.

While providing a country verifies that a number belongs to a region, it is not required assuming a phone number is a valid numbering scheme and includes the country code.Phone Number Validation is the number one tool for the Data Hygienist to ensure that phone numbers in their lists are clean, correct and useful.Executing any phone campaign without proper phone number validation can waste precious time and money.The latest operation, Get International Exchange Info provides validation of phone numbers for a valid sequence in addition to region checking to ensure the provided number belongs to the region input.With this new feature, users can validate a phone number belongs to a region using any number of formats including ISO2, ISO3, or full Country name.

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One of its most useful features is that it tells you This output shows that the number is a landline and therefore best suited to voice calls, which you can make at a cost of 0.12 EUR per minute.

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