Updating windows ipod on mac

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Updating windows ipod on mac

I'm planning to go into my local Apple store next week, but I wonder if even their Geniuses understand Windows drivers and Pn P.I also plan to hammer it this weekend, since it should be a user solution. Slight update: OK, so Windows 10 Pn P returns a Device Identification String which it matches to a device in the "Models" section of the INF file. Now the INF file is from the latest Apple drivers, so is the i Pod screwed enough to be returning a DIS that matches to a USB device but not an i Pod?However, I plugged in this newly purchased i Pod to the family PC (via USB) and strange things began to happen.The i Pod appeared to connect, then disconnect and reconnect again in a loop until eventually Windows gave up and said the device had malfunctioned.I have reached the stage where it realizes that it is corrupt, and even tells me to restore it using i Tunes, but if Windows doesn't recognize it...I have noticed that Windows hangs when it is attached, and I have had timeouts on the driver install.Going to look at resertting the i Pod a few more times.I did take the cable and ipod to a friend with a Mac and got nowhere.

I got an error message telling me to unplug it and then plug it back in. I've put 1 new song onto the i Pod so far and it worked just fine. I have a 5th gen i Pod which my Windows 10 computer quit recognizing.i Tunes doesn't detect the device at all, but once the connect/reconnect loop gives up the i Pod appears as a mass storage device - but i Tunes continues to ignore it. I have an i Pod Classic 160GB that is suffering the same issue on my Windows 10 PC and tablet as of a couple of weeks ago. Like you, I have followed all the suggestions I can find on the web, including restoring my PC from a month ago and then installing an older version of i Tunes with no luck.Windows currently recognizes the i Pod as a USB disk, even when I switch it out of disk mode.When I go through Device Manager to update the driver under Portable Devices to install the same driver as the i Phone is using, it tells me that it is not a valid driver for that hardware.So Windows Pn P does not recognize it as a i Pod, which is a software issue? I have run all sorts of diagnostics on the i Pod with no issues.

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