Updating to fedora 10 who is joey fatone dating

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Updating to fedora 10

It's not where you'd expect; instead of being in the file manager settings, where it should be, it's in the mouse settings. but anyway it's here and my #3 annoyance with KDE 4.1 is gone.So now my computer is fast again, my icons are back, and my clicks do what I want. but I've already found my notebook doesn't suspend properly when I close the lid. At least that's minor and can be easily worked around. Messed up upgrades, broken kernel updates, screwed up SELinux contexts....Luckily I am a programmer and an experienced Linux user, and also luckily the Fedora 10 installer is also a rescue CD. Finally I got things "working", though because I had to remove so much stuff before my server is really only half working. Anyway, my conclusion is that Fedora 10's installer needs a lot of work.I've never had so much difficulty getting an OS installed. Some people don't like desktop icons, but when I've been using files on my desktop for 19 years, I get a little cranky when you take them away.Well, I disregarded my own advice and proceeded to install 10 on my server (mainly because I wanted to do an upgrade to make sure stuff still worked).Let me state this loud and clear: This was the worst installation procedure I've ever dealt with in my 12 years of running Linux.Oh, and then I had to go and manually fix the SELinux contexts because for some reason some things weren't right.

First, the installer doesn't tell you how to activate text mode.

Because the Goddard Library is on the cusp of a migration from Fedora 3 to Fedora 4, this article addresses the challenges in updating Fedora 3 and ways Fedora 4’s architecture will allow for easier updates.

by Ruth Kitchin Tillman This article documents a project undertaken to augment metadata within the NASA Goddard Library Repository.[1] The repository runs on a custom Fedora 3.3/Drupal 7 setup.

Yup, yum uninstalled itself, and that left me with no package management tool at all.

This meant I had to get the installer working or else there'd be no way to repair my system.

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Grub is the "Grand Unified Boot Loader", which means it's the program that starts the computer.

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