Updating row using servlet

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all three buttons are on the same form..i am using servlet here, and the problem is i don't know how to i pass one function of one servlet as a of one button click, for a single button i just create a from and on the action i pass that servlet. Based on the flag you can process call your method.but for multiple buttons how do i do this, although i have same form on my page... The name and value of the button that is clicked will be passed as a request parameter. Loop through that enumeration checking for your button names and branch accordingly. This sort of thing is a very basic concept in JSP and servlets and will be covered in any good book on the subject.programming forums Java Mobile Certification Databases Caching Books Engineering Micro Controllers OS Languages Paradigms IDEs Build Tools Frameworks Application Servers Open Source This Site Careers Other all forums i created a program which has three classes, my program is inserting, updating, deleting, fetching records from database, and my code is working perfectly for me, but i created this for console: Here is my three classes: Emp Db now what i want is i create a from in html, for these employee records and i have three buttons on the same page (ie. and okay, i assign names to my three buttons, how my servlet will know which button is pressed and which function needs to invoke..?? Any request which hits servlet, will be processed by get() or post() which is depends on your form submit method.Insert, Update, Delete) how do i call functions of my Emp Db Component class on each button click..?? You have to set a html element to indicate which element has been clicked(this is very basis idea to use)so that it would send to servlet as a parameter. When you will execute the example second time The database table after deleting the specified row. Http Servlet Response; public class Delete Row extends Http Servlet Output : Initially the database was After running the example you will get the following output (when run first time).This is the servlet file which gets the input from the user and maps this data with the database and prints the record for the matched data.In this page, we are displaying the column name of the database along with data, so we are using Result Set Meta Data interface.

In this example, we are getting the data from the database in servlet and printing it.For this reason, any method in an application that executes such a method must handle the exception.All the methods in the sample application include code for handling exceptions.In the steps for creating a sample application in this chapter, a Java Bean is used to hold a single employee record.When a user wants to edit an existing record or add a new one, it is used as a container to hold the changed or new values for a single row of a table to prepare the row for using to update the database.

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class, and a sample My SQL database table we can work with.