Updating indiana opensolaris

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Updating indiana opensolaris

When Oracle bought Sun, it changed the license of Solaris 10 (the previous version) so that it was no longer free to use and increased the price of their contracts to 00 - 00 per socket per year.

For those that that prefer Solaris over other Open Source alternatives - such as the founder of Open Indiana - an alternative option now exists.

If you’re in the same situation as I, you’ll (eventually) see a notification that no driver can be found for an ‘LSI Logic Mega RAID SAS 9250’.

The IBM M1015 is actually a rebranded LSI-controller.

I hope I can save someone else a few days of troubleshooting by describing the process of installing a driver during the installation of Open Solaris, and upgrading the firmware.

Insert CD with text-install, reboot the server and let it boot from CD (if it doesn’t, reset the u EFI-BIOS to defaults, but enable ‘Legacy Only’ in the Boot Manager).

Since it is Solaris derived, there is a community that uses OI for ZFS storage servers for example.

The popular napp-it ZFS storage web GUI can be used atop OI to make administration of Solaris derived ZFS a breeze.

Sprache/ languagedeutsch other languages downlods Napp-it setup Napp-in-one Napp-it To Go Current: News Napp-it upgrade Changelog History Installer ESXi VMInfo about: ESXi Omni OS Omni OS Update Open Indiana Smart OS Solaris SPARC Free BSD Linux Mac Windows Applications TLS email Repositories This is the de facto reference distribution of Illumos, the free Solaris fork development Installation media: Setup manual: changes are included in the wget installer Aug 06, 2015 and upinstall Open Indiana, login as admin, open a terminal, enter su (to get root permissions) and enter: wget -O - | perl this installs and configures your napp-it NAS/SAN-appliance with all needed tools and settings Realtime monitoring from 0.9f1 : not working on OI 151.a8/9 (needs newer Perl up from 10.0.1)about Hipster Hipster is currently not supported by napp-it Realtime monitoring may run in newest Hipster: but this may introduce problems with the Perl module (io::tty Perl errors)to fix this, you can try:- logout, login to napp-it.

Furthermore, it will only be used to control the OS-disks and some SSD cache-devices in the server itself, and all data-disks will be in separate enclosures.

While installing these machines we ran into some problems with a missing driver for the M1015-controller, with both Open Solaris (snv_134) and Open Indiana (oi_148), and an outdated firmware.

Once textinstall is loaded, choose your keyboard, language.

In the installation menu, choose ‘[2] Install Additional Drivers’.

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With Open Indiana, former Solaris users can switch and receive free security updates and regular releases.