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Updating bsd 5 3

The Open BSD project is excellent in documentation as well as specification.Two of the official release notes listed below tell you what has changes.It does however make it very clear that your modifications are also released under the terms of the BSD 3-clause license.If you add your own copyright notice, somebody who modifies the software that you have modified would then need to keep your notice as well as the original one.

So I can expect only minor updates to the 10.1 code. 8.x to 9.x)Ensure you have a steady internet connection.

The pkg tool allows you to compare the version installed to your Ports Tree (which, after running Step 3., should be up-to-date! For Free BSD version 10.x, type in:pkg version -l "Once you've determined how many and which packages are out-of-date, type in:pkg upgrade This will compare versions of installed packages to the versions in the ports tree, and provide you a list of which ones can be updated.

Note: the output is similar to the previous step; however, this step allows you to actually download the upgrades.

Ensure you are running as superuser ("root") on your system:[email protected]:~ #Type in:freebsd-update fetch Lines of code will verify which version you are running, and download the applicable updates.

If updates were downloaded, once the command returns to the prompt, type in:freebsd-update install Minor OS versions do not require a system reboot to install.

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and licensed according to the BSD 3-clause license.

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