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Updating avg 8 5

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By that logic, the file server should be updated first and then when the workstations are updated to 8.5 they need their update server address to be configured to file server's address.If not, then it seems we should be OK until our subscription runs out in October 2009. Seems a bit backwards since AVG can give you the right answer off the bat, whereas if you come here and ask, there's a chance of misinformation or lack of response.As far as I understood it, the workstations are supposed to seek the updates off the file server rather than the file server "pushing" the updates down.AVG is created keeping the latest search engine algorithms in mind.My computer's been asking to update from 7.5 to 8.5 at work for a couple weeks now and I keep saying later.

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Obviously, I will need to do this before or on 4-30-09, but I was wondering shouldn't the server be updated first from AVG 7.5 File Server Edition to 8.5 File Server Edition?

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