Tulisa contostavlos and fazer dating 2016

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Edwards, seemingly motivated by a toxic combination of personal spite and financial greed." But Mr Edwards said he would never have acted in a way which would give rise to the concerns of Tulisa and did not and never has passed on the sex tape.

But Mr Browne described Edward's denials as "sanctimonious hypocrisy" and a "deceitful representation of the position." Tulisa at first denied she was in a sex tape at all saying she had no recollection of ever being filmed having sex.

Tulisa Contostavlos doesn't know when N-Dubz will reunite.

The N-Dubz singer has recently launched her own solo career without bandmates Fazer and Dappy and revealed her aspirations to take over the world with her music, joking that she wants to become…But having seen the tape she now accepts it was her, said Mr.Browne, and was targeting the "low life" who had exploited it and tried to sell it to both the Sun and Mirror newspapers for £30,000.N-Dubz have promised to "take on the world" when they return to the music scene in 2013.The 'Best Behaviour' hitmakers - who are made up of Dappy Contostavlos, Tulisa Contostavlos and her ex-boyfriend Fazer - are on a self-imposed hiatus to…

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