Ti 84 validating operating system

Posted by / 06-Oct-2019 00:58

This is the problem which I currently have still, and am trying to fix. t=5622&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 "My Calculator Crashed! When I pressed ENTER it went straight to the Waiting... I tried to install the OS multiple times but it got stuck at Validating... Then, one time I held ON DEL and suddenly it showed the RAM Cleared message.

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Just today I fiddled around with z Start to change my fonts repeatedly and randomly changed hooks and stuff, and used Calcsys and intentionally corrupted the VAT data.

While I tried to delete a program that was not in the archive, it showed a prompt to delete something that was in the archive memory, and I deleted the item in Archive, and after I exited the program it said that it was "Defragmenting..." indicating that it was in fact deleting an application, which it did, as z Start no longer showed up in the Applications list that used to have 10 applications in the list.

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The cpu speed is 15MHz and the CPU model is a Zi LOG Z80. The ti 84 plus features include a new built-in clock, a new mini USB link port in addition to the standard I/O port.