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I did not realize the damage until my husband came home and showed me (as I said, I don't know anything about construction).

We responded and let her know that we do not break down labor and materials due to industries practices as this information is confidential.

We were able to connect with Mr*** today and give him the check for , Attached is a copy of the release that he signed He did not mention any other issues or concerns, so we consider this matter closed I met with Jared and mr.

[redacted] to discuss some damages, we created a list and fixed all damages and the roof passed city inspections, we walked with Mr.

I asked why they were doing the reinstall when Dan and [redacted] agreed the awning company should do it and there was no answer.

I was outside during some of the reinstall and at one point one of the crew asked if it looked level, I couldn't tell.

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