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Internet porn supplies an immediate, private, and easily-accessed “hit” thus changing the erotic template of the brain.

Benjamin Wallace provides a clear description of its aggressive, seductive power in his article, “The Geek Kings of Smut” in ’s February 7, 2011 issue: “ There you are, Porn Surfer, googling your way to a little adult material – you know, a little plain-vanilla, middle-of-the-road grown-up content – when, wham …you’re in free fall through this insane, cross-linking wilderness-of-mirrors chaos of pop-ups and pop-unders and portals and parasites.”Some say that cybersex addiction is the crack cocaine of sex addiction. It stimulates reward and pleasure centers of the brain instantly and dramatically, increasing the production of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with both sexual arousal and drug highs.

Peggy Orenstein, best-selling author and a contributing writer to the , has written extensively about this phenomenon. When I began studying this topic it shocked me to learn that the pornography industry has grown so large that it generates revenue exceeding the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC, and that money generated by cybersex addiction totals more than the combined revenues of football, baseball, and basketball franchises (IITAP, 2011).

As I see it, the Internet pornography industry is a voracious monster prowling around every neighborhood, looking for entry into each family’s home, and who is more vulnerable than our youth?

Consider the stories of Amy and Kevin: Amy was six years old when one day while her baby sister was taking a nap, her mother promised to help her look at the Sesame Street website on the family computer.

According to data gathered at the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) 40 million Americans visit porn sites every month, and the gender prevalence of men versus women with cybersex issues is 60%-40% respectively.’ …And you know how shy my dad is.”Grandma wasn’t smiling now. “But I think he’d be quite able to talk about this with you and I know he’d want to. My friend Matthew said he googled breasts on the internet and the weirdest picture of a naked lady came up.”“Really? The cumulative effect of sexual images kids are already bombarded with on TV, advertisements, and music videos from the time they are little, already concern me.In fact, I bet your dad remembers how curious about breasts he was when he was your age. I’ve read reports for instance that girls as young as 3 are already getting the message from the media that thin is beautiful and that there’s something wrong with them if they don’t look like the distorted body types they see on screen.After logging on to the computer and explaining a few things to Amy, her mom hopped up to go to the bathroom and on route called out the web address letters that Amy should strike.Moments later, she heard Amy’s shriek: “What’s wrong with that man’s penis? ” Her mom charged out of the bathroom, ran to her side, and clicked off the image of a huge red, rash-covered penis that was on the screen.

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