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Roads such as Southend, Weymouth, Durham, and Westbury have been in and out of the lists several times.Local Transport Plan settlement In Dec the Df T sent out comments to all 85 local authorities who had submitted draft 5-year Local Transport Plans (LTPs).Subject: Road Block e-bulletin - 15 Jan 06 from Road Block at Welcome to the Road Block e-bulletin, and Happy New Year to all road campaigners.Road Block predicts that 2006 will be a year of some significant roads cuts!Not only that, but the rush hour congestion is worse than it was before the bypass.

Now Gordon Brown and John Prescott have appointed the notorious Kate Barker to lead a new inquiry to consider how "in the context of globalisation, planning policy and procedures can better deliver economic growth and prosperity alongside other sustainability goals".

The Df T has allocated £209 million to develop 44 Major Schemes it has already approved, and has promised another £200 million to new Major Schemes for 2006/7.

The announcements on these (including Lancaster and Brownhills) will be made following the receipt of regional advice (see above).

Meanwhile the Scottish Executive has gone roads crazy (M74, Dalkeith and Edinburgh), and a huge M4 toll road is planned across the Gwent Levels in Wales.

However, in 2005 the resistance to this madness started to grow...

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We are often 'blamed' for the delays by scrutinising dodgy projects, when it is usually the government who create delays, botched Inquiries (see Thames Gateway Bridge below), and sit on decisions for years.