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Another key ingredient to ranking the sites was the quality of webcam they were using.Some sites use cheap webcams so every time a girl moves it looks like a giant blur.Not only are the discouraged from seeking out legitimate cam girls, but the cam girls themselves lose revenue to these fake cam sites, so the performers themselves and the entire industry suffer, because some crooked conman figured out an easy way to make a buck.They also tend to be incredibly vicious in bringing libel actions against review sites that call them out.So for legal reasons we will not name which sites we found to be frauds, and only try to steer you toward the sites we know are legit.But like anywhere the internet is teeming with both good adult sex sites, and scams.Across the world wide web, there are somewhere in the range of about 5000 adult cam sites.We couldn’t test all of them, but we did test around 300 of these sites.

Some sites try to trick you with pre-recorded performances because once they got your money, there’s no real need to keep up the facade.

Good sound can too, and some of this falls on the bandwidth of the website.

A poorly operated and funded website has a slow streaming feed which causes the buffer to have refill every so often which can seriously ruin a performance.

One thing legit cam sites do is let you talk to them beforehand.

Then they have a private chat room where you can see the girls naked.

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A crappy internet connection can do that too, but we made sure we all had great internet connections, so it’s not our fault if the video feed needs to buffer every 10 seconds, it’s the site’s.

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