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Though it should not matter, women consider height when they look for a mate.According to scientists, women perceive men of substantial height to be better fighters and more useful than their shorter counterparts.

The comedian known as Sasha Baron Cohen or the figure skater Sasha Cohen (full name Alexandra Pauline Cohen).

When a woman is small, it gives her big and tall man the opportunity to dominate her during sex.

This is not a motive for all, but it can be a factor in causing attraction between the two. After all, if you are looking for love, does it really matter how tall a man is?

Sasha Cohen’s husband is a Aquarius and she is a Scorpio.

He also played for Tulon, Northampton, and London Welsh.

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Tom May was born in London and is currently 40 years old. Retired rugby union utility back who spent the majority of his career with Newcastle, earning 257 caps between 19.

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