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Before anything happened, I would say that I didn’t want him to regret what was done, and with his word, actions ensued that in my mind were demonstrations of our vulnerability and attraction we shared with one another.

However, I knew in the back of my mind that these actions were reprehensible and deemed repulsive and sinful in the eyes of the church, the organization that each of these guys had spend two years of their lives serving.

With all three I was wary to initiate anything sexual in attempts to remain cognizant of the Mormon standards regarding virtue.

But with two of these guys, they were the ones to initiate the sexual aspect of the relationship.

Obviously mixed faith marriages can and do work but one with a TBM is not likely to be happy.

Marriage is hard enough without a cult telling your spouse you’re evil for drinking a cup of coffee or not paying tithing.

I would agree with this most of the time, but it worked out with my Mormon ass and my Jewish wife. I avoid dating TBMs because I know at some point we’ll get to a crossroads where one of us will be unhappy.

It's been 20 years later now and I'm ex Mo and she's just Jewish for the culture, but we are both practicing atheists. Nothing to do with religion, except that he was great at using my faithfulness against me. And I’ve never seen a mixed faith engagement survive among my acquaintances. He’ll want to get married in the temple, and I won’t want that, so it’s likely he would resent me for that or I would be his project. If he’s a little more relaxed and knows and accepts your beliefs at the start, then MAYBE it could work. I don’t want to set myself up for heartache and a higher likelihood of divorce later on. Upon marriage, my gentile husband was going to be my project and then several experiences made me pause and I quit the church. ) I did not have an upbringing with a clean pure experience in the church up to this point, so the exit door was already open; kicked open by a stake president and bishop, mind you.

Spanglish isn’t a real language, just in case you were wondering. But — news flash — the world has moved on without you.I have now been broken up with/ghosted for a third time by a returned missionary.Though I understand their dedication to their faith, I remain baffled that dogma has the ability to make people completely nullify their relationships on a whim.TL; DR: I’ve seriously dated three Mormon boys in my life.The relationships all ended immediately after either I explained my loss of faith to them or something sexual happened. If you aren’t in a mixed faith marriage or engagement it’s almost universally not worth the pain of pursuing.

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I highly recommend that if you are trying to date and live near a large population of Mormons, to not pursue those who are still active in the church (particularly RMs), no matter the amount of chemistry you have with them.

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