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If you do need us to backdate your reduction, the rules about when we can backdate are different for different groups of people.

The maximum period a claim for Council Tax Reduction can be backdated for working age customers is six months from the date you request it.If you wish to make a claim for backdated benefit / reduction you need to: Complete the backdated claims section of the application form and tell us why you wish to claim backdated benefit / reduction, the date you want to claim from and your reasons for not applying at the time.Usually a Council Tax Reduction claim is paid from the date it has been received.Pension age claimants are treated differently when considering backdated periods.The maximum period claims for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction can be backdated is three months but this will be applied automatically, without having to show good cause for not claiming earlier.

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You can see the date you reach this qualifying age on the government's website.