Rachel dating finn real life

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She gave him a tie and cleaned and cooked in his house.

Will is annoyed and stressed about her inappropriate behavior and tries a variety of methods to tell her he isn't interested, such as in song, before telling her directly.

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The Rachel-Will Relationship, more commonly known as Schueberry, Wilchel, or Rill, is the very close friendship bond between teacher Will Schuester and his student Rachel Berry, both before and after she graduates.

Will tells Shelby that Rachel's special, and has all of the best of Shelby in her: Rachel is "strong-willed, dramatic, wildly talented." But she's "fragile" and "over-emotional," too.

Rachel sometimes believes that Will is just out to ruin her life or ruin her star chances.When the group sing Don't Stop Believin', Will is without a doubt proud and Rachel seems excited to see his return. While singing Endless Love, Rachel develops a crush on Will and starts giving him novelty gifts.After Rachel and the girls perform Halo/Walking on Sunshine, Will gives them all a big clap and cheer and high-fives all of the girls except for Rachel because she's standing away, separately, from the rest of them. Will later defends Rachel from Terri while she is "using her as her own personal slave" and letting Rachel cook and clean.Their dynamic was briefly also a one-sided crush between Rachel and Will in a single episode, Ballad.Rachel and Will often have different ideas about what is best for New Directions, especially concerning solos and song selections.

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  1. Truth or rumor, when news that the actor - known for having been romantically involved with Toni Collette - was splitting hit the internet Monday (September 2), Twitter immediately exploded with pithy commentary.