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They also have some old-school scenes from the 70s, and 80s if you’re into that.Unfortunately, there is a downside to having so much content: the categories are not so well organized.The video player works similar to You Tube’s; you can watch the videos in small, large or full screen.You Porn is one of the few porn websites, which offers a large player that works so well.All the videos on Broken feature petite girls playing with huge things.The name “Broken Teens” suites the site in more than one way.

You Porn has an estimated 26 million visitors a month. Dont expect to get ultra high definition video on any free site.

Ads on Porn Hub are served through the Traffic Junky network.

It has pretty much every porn video you could ever want. Porn Hub is wildly popular and caters to pretty much everyone.

Their catalogue of porn includes pretty much every porn category and fetish you could wish of.

Unlike other massive websites, You Porn videos are well labeled, and if you’re looking for something specific, you can always find what you want by using the search featurete, which unlile other sites, it actually works. FILF stands for “Family I’d Like to F*ck” and is perfect for guys with a family sex fetish.

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You can be looking for lesbian cunnilingus, and you’ll end up finding lesbian threesomes or even gay threesomes.

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