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The data in the study come from the How Couples Meet and Stay Together survey, which is the most comprehensive data collected on romantic relationships in the US.

The survey allows for multiple answers to the question about how people met, so a recent rise of people meeting at bars and restaurants is not down to serendipity but rather people who arranged to meet for dinner or a drink via online dating sites.

“People used to make up stories about how they met, so they wouldn’t have to admit that they met online, but now many people embrace it,” says Thomas.

Friendship in a relationship is extremely important. If you create attraction with a woman but aren’t friend material (read comfort) eventually it won’t work. You will never turn that into more as long as that is how she views you.

In the book, The Mystery Method, “Mystery” (you can search this guy out on your own – I don’t condone all that he says but there is some good stuff) offers this equation: Attraction Comfort = Seduction. But if you create friendship without attraction – that is all it will ever be. The point is that people, male and female, date people they are attracted to period. We’ll talk about how to get out of/avoid the friendzone later, but that is not the point of this post. Maybe, I don’t have the guts to ask this girl out so instead I will become “friends” with her. Honestly there are some guys who are lacking self confidence and think this is literally the only way to get to hang out with women they like. Finally there are guys who are “friends” first because they aren’t sure they want to actually date a particular person or they want to be “friends” with multiple people.

It means essentially, “I want to lessen the pressure on this situation.” It can also mean, “I not attracted to you but I’m not good at saying no to people so I’ll say this instead.” It does not mean they want to be “just friends” for a while and will be attracted to you later.

When a woman says she wants to marry her best friend, it means that she wants to be best friends with the person she is already attracted to and wants to marry. But it doesn’t mean that she wants to become friends and then marry someone even though she isn’t attracted to them.

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He and fellow researchers present several other notable findings about the rise in online dating.