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Military dating rules

Single service members are assigned a barracks room and aren’t paid enough to rent an apartment.Significant others can’t live in base housing until they have a marriage license.All branches of the United States military maintain regulations that govern dating, and any fraternization, among both officers and enlisted soldiers.Since 1984, improper fraternization has been recognized as a punishable offense. military also has regulations regarding marriage among officers or enlisted soldiers. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines all have regulations in place prohibiting this activity as a kind of fraternization.Service members usually end up being stationed far from family and they move every few years.They could still be planning a future with you, even if they haven’t introduced you to Mom and Dad yet. Moving in together is the next step before marriage For military couples, moving in together usually happens after marriage.The service member can’t take vacation days for your birthday.They can’t leave school early for a family vacation.

If a service member hasn’t replied to your message, it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. If I waited for him to send a message before I replied, I would be waiting forever.In addition to cases of relationships between soldiers of different ranks, fraternization between trainees and soldiers or between recruiters and recruits is also prohibited.When dating takes place between soldiers of the same rank or between a solider and a civilian employee or government contractor, military regulations only prohibit those relationships which directly affect morale, discipline, respect for authority or otherwise interfere with a mission. Here are seven dating rules that don’t work for military couples. Don’t spend too much time together When my husband and I started dating, (before the military) my parents only wanted me to see him once a week. “But he hasn’t called for a few weeks now.” My friend threw her hands up in the air. They have very little choice about when they work, where they live, and how often they can check their phone for messages. They can still be worthwhile and successful, but you have to let go of some of the traditional dating rules.

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