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When weighing the pros and cons of dating a military man, accepting the reality of military life might be the biggest downside.It’s hard to feel like his job takes precedence over everything else, but in general the military will decide where you’ll eventually live and often your career plans will be put on hold.It depends on whether you like being in a 12 hour city or a 24 hour city. Also being single in a small town can be a bit more challenging, if you're still in you're mingling years.Housing is very challenging for many folks right now. I went back to Astoria for a high school reunion a while ago. People got to talking about who hooked up with whom since graduation. Someone noticed my surprise and said "In Clatsop county you don't break up with someone, you just lose your turn."Fort George has live music from quality bands every Sunday.The City Council and city staff are working hard to create new options, but as you might expect, if there were easy solutions the problems would have been solved already. It's a nice place, with nice people, and definitely a bit more affordable than Portland. Other concerts occur in town, especially in the summers at the Liberty Theater. Luke and Kati (from Blind Pilot) play in town a lot, and they are fantastic.. Our city has had a population around 10,000 for the last 100 years (except during WWII.) Almost every buildable lot has been developed within the city limits. That being said, it is becoming more popular as a tourist destination. It's a lovely little town with fun things to do over a weekend, good food, and nice people. It's growing, sure, but it's still small, and feels even smaller than it is. then you have a tougher decision./r/Astoria_Oregon Astoria is a wonderful place, although for young single people it can be a little challenging because it's a small town.That said, your favorite band isn't going to be playing a show in Astoria any time soon. It is seeing more And robots from across the river in Washington. And one time a drug Lord from California and his mom tried to kill the kindergarten teacher! I know I'd miss many of the things I take for granted living in Portland. But you are only two hours from Portland if you need the big city nightlife. If you can afford buying, houses are still not completely unreasonable, but the inventory is low. Lewis and Clark, Warrenton, Knappa surround the area and have some housing options that the city doesn't.The downtown area is very walkable with a number of good restaurants, vintage stores and boutiques.

If your first choice would be to Skype every night, know that you may have to be happy with your second choice of nightly text conversations if the internet connection is faulty.

Fort George Brewery hosts a kickass festival each year called The Festival of the Dark Arts and they have monthly art walks that are small, but pretty I actually read that a couple days ago."When I lived by the river, I awoke every morning to the maddening cacophony of barking sea lions.

Military girlfriends and spouses certainly know a thing or two about long distance relationships.

But I'm even more excited to learn, maybe, I can actually do something with it! In addition to my exciting, new endeavor, my parents came to visit for 8 days last month and I had the honor of playing tour guide.

I was trying to trick them into moving here, so I wanted them to have the best time!

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