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Mandating community service affects the union

European industry leaders should be able to deploy the latest available technology, Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X).

We therefore believe that Member States should formally object to the current version of the Delegated Act.

We believe that automakers should be empowered to choose the best and most future-proof technologies.

An increasing number of automotive companies and world regions are already switching from older Wi-Fi-technology to C-V2X. vehicle models starting in 2022[2], while previously announced DSRC deployment (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) have been “paused”[3] for an indefinite period.

Brussels, 25 June 2019 – As the Council of the European Union prepares to decide on the Delegated Regulation on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), we call upon Member States to formally object to the current version of the Delegated Act.

The proposed Regulation fails to ensure technology-neutrality, ignoring that newer technologies have emerged in recent years, offering unique capabilities to accelerate the market penetration of C-ITS and to deliver enhanced safety in a global ecosystem.

The dynamic and innovative nature of these technology means that, today, there is no consensus within the automotive industry – or among EU member states – on the technology of choice for the C-ITS deployment.

ETNO members are pan-European operators that also hold new entrant positions outside their national markets.This will not be the case if only one technology is mandated.The Commission’s own support study for Impact Assessment on C-ITS (2018) noted that none of the Day 1 services “.” Thus, it is surprising that the Delegated Act effectively ignores the significant benefits that C-V2X can offer for these vulnerable road users (VRUs).C-V2X can easily be integrated into smartphones and thereby offer protection to whoever carries a mobile phone, thereby including pedestrians and cyclists that, otherwise, would not have access to those safety services.LTE-V2X – as part of the global telecom standards family – provides an evolution path to 5G.

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