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The external source of energy is naturally occurring, ionizing radioactivity (alpha, beta, gamma and cosmic radiation).The time lag can be understood by reference to solid state energy band theory.The luminescence-dating laboratory was installed in 1993 as a collaboration between the Laboratory for Mineralogy and Petrology (Geological Institute) and the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry (Institute for Nuclear Sciences, INW). When they are exposed to sunlight during transportation in the air the latent luminescence signal in the quartz and feldspar grains is bleached down to a negligible level and the luminescence "clock" is set to zero. The light signal is a measure of the radiation dose that has accumulated in these minerals through time.This in turn is proportional to the amount of absorbed radiation, which can be related to time if the average dose rate per unit time can be estimated.This is determined from the current dose rate, which can usually be assumed constant over archaeological time because of the long half-lives of the main naturally occurring radionuclides, 238U, 232Th and 40K.

Articles in international Journals (period 1998-2002) Van den haute P., Frechen M., Buylaert J. If the stimulus is light, it is called optically stimulated luminescence (OSL).The latter includes stimulus not only from the visible spectrum but from ultraviolet and infrared radiation as well.It look that the ' Gods' messed up with our website ....For some reason this page that you have tried to access doesn't exist for one or more of the following reasons:a) The ' Gods' didn't like itb) Secret services or Governments didn't like itc) Archaeologists or scientists didn't like itord) this page doesn't exist anymoree) There is a temporary error and in that case PLEASE try again! Make sure that you have spelled the link properly otherwise contact us so that our technicians can have a look!

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Ionizing radiation excites electrons from the valence band, or ground state, across an energy gap to the conduction band where they are free to move about.