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He ultimately chose Jennifer Wilson, but did not propose.Erica Rose returned to compete in the 2nd season of Bachelor Pad in 2011, finished in 9th/10th place and returned in the 3rd season of Bachelor Pad the following year for a third time, finished in 12th place.

Seems like he had a completely different impression of her before she moved here.Lorenzo takes some of the women to the Mediterranean sea for a beach party, some through the city of Rome to see the sites and one gets the first individual date in Borghese Park. Lorenzo takes one women to a romantic date at the opera, six to a sleep over pool party in a Tuscan castle and two back to his place for an intimate date over pizza.With nine women left, only six will be asked to stay.But get this: The bachelor isn't with the woman who got the final rose.I'm talking about our dear "Prince" of the singles, Lorenzo Borghese, who starred in the most recent cycle of ABC's oddly addictive (I swear it still is—and don't ask me why) reality romp As you may remember, Prince Lor Bo chose Jennifer (the brunette school teacher) over Sadie (the blond publicist), but sources close to the show have now confirmed to me that Lor Bo has pulled a sly little switcheroo!

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Erica Rose welcomed a daughter, Holland Rose Madeleine Gentry, on September 19, 2016, with former fiance Galen Gentry.

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  1. It's generally thought that the two brothers side-stepped the common curse of the child star - whether it's rebelling against Hollywood, turning to partying or substances, or a brush with the law.