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Sometimes ignorance is bliss.” He then met Nick Lachey who was attending Miami University for sports medicine. Lachey left school, flew to Los Angeles and they started brainstorming who they could recruit to be in their band.Lachey thought of a friend, Justin Jeffre, who was at he the University of Cincinnati.

In an interview with Jeff Timmons, he was asked how involved 98 Degrees was with their song selection and how much control they had over what songs were put onto their albums.

Unlike many of these bands who were put together through auditions and record labels, 98 Degrees stood out because they formed all on their own.

The group consisted of brothers Drew Lachey and Nick Lachey, as well as Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre.

Music in the ’90s was all about forming bands and the most popular were boy bands!

There were three boy bands who absolutely dominated the music industry at the time — these were the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and 98 Degrees.

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It only seemed natural there would be a little bit of jealousy or competition between them all because their fanbases overlapped, but Jeff Timmons finally set the record straight when he denied that claim entirely. “Not a bit, we were all going through, the same thing at the time. News that he wrestled Joey Fatone in the lobby of a hotel once, but that they were just messing around because they are actually really good friends.