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She was the love of Harry’s life no matter what.“Harry does anything he can not to be still and have to go inward and feel his grief.”There’s more trouble ahead as the devious Lord Loxley (Aidan Mc Ardle), who nearly destroyed Harry’s reputation, makes an unwelcome return. Harry throws an extravagant wedding celebration for his eldest daughter Rosalie, who marries the Russian prince Serge de Bolotoff.Played by Leon Ockenden, Serge is an aspiring aviator and this series will see Harry becoming involved in his son-in-law’s plans to build an aeroplane for commercial use.

People from all walks of life are gravitating towards Mr Selfridge and are invested in the characters.

Sefridge’s fall from grace – leaving him penniless and ousted from the store he created – has been well documented.“We pick up in 1919 and show the beginning of Harry Selfridge’s demise,” says Jeremy, 49.

“Rose has died and her passing is devastating to him.

But like all relationships in this series, theirs will be tinged by sadness as the repercussions of his time on the battlefield come back to haunt him.“Everything that was established in the first two series is being shaken up this year,” says Jeremy, who won worldwide acclaim as Ari Gold in the American series Entourage before taking on the role of Harry Selfridge.

“Every cast member is getting their shot and they deserve it.

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