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In response to this, Cunedda ap Edern, a Gododdin warlord from Scotland, came to the area and began the process of driving the Irish out.This process was continued by his son Einion Yrth ap Cunedda and grandson Cadwallon Lawhir ap Einion, the last Irish invaders finally being defeated in battle in 470.Plas Newydd is near one of 28 cromlechs that remain on uplands overlooking the sea.The Welsh Triads claim that Anglesey was once part of the mainland.

Up until that time Porthaethwy had been one of the principal ferry crossing points from the mainland. This plan of north Angelsey runs from Holyhead Bay,on the left, to Red Wharf Bay,on the right., Black-ink numbers,are visible on high spots, indicating the,heights of hills., Archaeological details are noted in black gothic lettering.An area calculation table survives in black ink,in the top left margin..Two bridges, spanning the Menai Strait, connect it to the mainland: the original Menai Suspension Bridge (carrying the A5), designed by Thomas Telford in 1826; and the more recently rebuilt Britannia Bridge (replacing the original designed by Robert Stephenson), which carries the A55 and the North Wales Coast Railway Line.Historian and author John Davies argues that it was during the tumultuous 10th century that the Norse name for Môn, Anglesey, came into existence; the name was later adopted into English after Anglo-Norman occupiers arrived to conquer the island during the Norman invasions of Gwynedd. It is called Môn Mam Cymru ("Môn, Mother of Wales") by Giraldus Cambrensis, for the claimed ability of the fertile land to produce enough food for the whole of Wales.

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