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Is paul butcher dating anyone

“It just baffles me because it was so long ago, but people are still like, ‘Oh my god, you grew up. It’s this response that pushes Butcher to continue working with Mason to create more music.

Butcher’s currently writing six songs and will probably add more to the eventual album or EP.

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On October 5, 2010, he appeared on the season 11 results show, performing music and dance duel against Mark Ballas.

“The music video is about two people who basically get in with each other and they’re not hurtin’ anybody; they’re enjoying the life. Even though there are ups and downs in the relationship, it’s all good and they want to stay together.” While the music video perfectly embodied that carefree summer fling, fans couldn’t help noticing how Butcher wasn’t a kid anymore. Thankfully, comments, such as “Dustin u cant have sex u are only 10 omg” and “Zoey would not be proud of you,” only make Butcher smile. '” One person who probably had a harder time accepting the fact Butcher is all grown up was his Butcher was surprised to see his friend’s tweet, and confessed he immediately showed his family the good news.

“I never get irritated by it, because I’m so thankful that I even got the opportunity to be on that show,” he said. He was understandably nervous about dropping his first single, but his fears were quickly assuaged after Justice chimed in — not to mention the overwhelmingly positive feedback he’s received from fans.

and songwriter Britt Burton, Butcher began mapping out the track in April.

“We wanted a song that was light and fun for summer,” Butcher told Nostalgia Is the New Black.

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