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CID said there have been hundreds of claims each month from people who said they've been scammed on legitimate dating apps and social media sites.According to the alleged victims, the scammers have asked for money for fake service-related needs such as transportation, communications fees, processing and medical fees — even marriage.That system quickly locked 500,000 accounts when it was introduced last year.The company added that facial recognition technology notifies people when another account uses their photo, though tests by The Times showed the feature sometimes didn’t work.In Nigeria, the scammers are aided by plentiful internet access and fluency in English.There are also many willing teachers: In groups on Facebook and Whats App, they swap scripts for online chats with victims.The Times reported more than 100 impostor accounts through the online reporting systems on Facebook and Instagram in recent months.In response, the sites left up more of the accounts than they took down.

The Defense Department said employees scan for impostor accounts each week and report them directly to Facebook.

Facebook is also testing software that can automatically spot impostors of some of the most commonly impersonated service members.

One of the company’s primary lines of defense are reports from users.

They also try and educate service members to protect their identities. Because many of the accounts impersonate Army soldiers, the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command, which investigates crimes involving Army personnel, has become a repository for victims’ complaints.

But investigators there can’t look into the reports because the victims and perpetrators are civilians, said Chris Grey, a spokesman for the division.

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If you're worried about being scammed, know what red flags to look for.