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This allows the contact to acknowledge your request and accept communication from you.They will also get your user name so, if it is obscure, remind the person who you are in the message you send.4.Adding an image to your profile is probably a better option for recognition purposes.Those unfamiliar with Skype should test it out by making a one-to-one call with another fellowship member or a friend. Ask your contact for their Skype name and arrange a time to both be on-line.2. This will only work if you are both on-line at the same time. When Skype prompts you to send a brief message, do so.This way, all other members only need to know one contact name to get the meeting going.AUDIO Your computer will need a microphone – these tend to be built-in on laptops.

However, it is unlikely the video will function on conference calls due to bandwidth limitations.For those with an existing Skype account, your current profile details may disclose more than you would be comfortable with being viewable to other fellowship members.You can edit your profile to remove sensitive information to protect your privacy.However, typing will be picked up by laptop mics, as well as fan noise.So an external microphone may be preferable in some cases and will be required on most desktop computers.

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