How to keep java from updating Lifewebcam com

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Upon installation of traditional Web Sphere V9.0, you get the full Java EE 7 platform as the default implementation.In general you cannot pick and choose the feature capabilities you want your application server to have, and you cannot switch back to Java EE 6.For traditional Web Sphere, Version 9.0 gives you all the capabilities of Java EE 7.Version 8.5.5 is available if you want to continue to use the Java EE 6 implementations.

The fundamental architectural difference between Liberty and traditional Web Sphere also affects Java EE 7 migration.Some features are dependent on other Java EE 7 features, and moving to them has a ripple effect of required feature changes.You should also note that all Java EE 7 features depend on Java SE 7 or higher.A brief summary of what to be aware of if you’re updating your Java EE 6 applications to Java EE 7.With the Java EE 7 certification of Liberty and traditional Web Sphere, you have more choices than ever for running your applications.

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It also scans for other Open JPA to Eclipse Link differences.