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Google latitude background updating battery

Google has finally gotten around to launching its location-based network, Latitude on the i Phone.The service, which has been around for months on the web and Android, Black Berry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices may finally be ready to take off now that it’s on the hottest smartphone on the market. Latitude, like all other third-party i Phone run in the background on the device.To lower the brightness level in your power profile: Your virus scanner and disk defragmenter, along with auto updates from the likes of Apple and Google, are scheduled to run themselves on a regular basis—often without your knowledge or consent.Set these tasks to run only on AC power so they don’t eat up precious juice running your hard drive, CPU and wireless while you’re unplugged.

Yes, there is no native Latitude app, and there was some thought that since the mobile version of Safari on the i Phone can technically run in the background, that maybe it would allow apps like Latitude to also do the same. Unfortunately, since there is no mechanism for applications to run in the background on i Phone (which applies to browser-based web apps as well), we’re not able to provide continuous background location updates in the same way that we can for Latitude users on Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Window Mobile.

And it has a nice overlaid menu system to do things like search or show traffic on your map.

Google Latitude for the i Phone and i Pod touch has been updated with the ability to check in.

As Google states in the application's release notes, features of the latest update include: is a handy app, I'm not a huge fan - mainly, because of the strain it puts on the i Phone's battery life.

Though Google is attempting to improve this negative aspect of the application, background location updating is always going to have this effect.

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