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But few have the courage or knowledge to make that dream a reality.When the bragging and boasting starts, I just sit back and smile as one after the other talks of what he would do, and how he would be., if it weren't for family obligations, mortgages and corporate jobs.

When the girl behind the counter finally gets around to him, he responds affirmatively to her offer to help.She suggests an economy car that is terrific on gas and comes with unlimited mileage.He explains that he intends to pay cash for the use of the car."Yeah, I wanna rent a small car for a few days." She take sin his appearance.She has seen his type many times before and immediately interprets his use of the word small to mean cheap.

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  1. In 1946 the Ladies Handbook commented that: Many young people of the present day, whether engaged to be married or not, seemingly have no scruples against indulgence in intimate sexual relationships.