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She would always flirt and I'd flirt back but it was all in fun.

What she didn't know was every month I couldn't wait to get sent to that… Read more This is about a girl that I used to see regularly about a year or so ago I met on tinder.

I parked my car outside Kelly's house and knocked on the door.

She quickly answered as she's been waiting in the living room.

Although I was still incredibly aroused by my flagrant self exposure to a complete stranger; I was, at the same time, feeling a little ashamed and almost humiliated by my overwhelming desire to act like a slut.

The more I thought about it as I walked, the more I knew that I had to do what made me feel right and good.

So my husband asked me to talk him into coming here. All characters are adults in this story line and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies. Standing according to height they quickly dropped to their knees in Nadu position.

The Dream You and your buddy and I and or your home. Then quickly leaned over and placed their four heads on the floor and crossed the w… Read more Hi Y’all, A story of a very exciting adventure I had just this morning as I was driving for Uber. LOLA: Yes, daddy ------… Read more This true story is about the SSBBW Emily and I. She has no mobility problems and despite being really big she does not have the typical breathing problems or other issues large people have.

Then my husband was let on I was chatting with this guy, and he was married but his wife rarely wanted sex and she never gives him a blow job. So the evening when he arrived we… Read more As with the rest of the story. Your buddies wife and your daughter and her girlfriend.

The fear of getting caught added to my excitement and increased the sexual intensity and overwhelming lust I was feeling as I used them .… Read more "G'night Trent." Trent looked up from behind the computer screen and at the parade of tired but energized yoga students from the last session of the evening as they made their way toward the exit.

His clientele base was still small enough that he knew most by name, a fact that he intended to preserve as long as he could manage.

He bade several good night, nodding politely and offering tidbits of encouragement to those who were prone to attending only occasionally.

When the last of the class had filed out of the studio and exited the building, Sasha, his gem of a part time instructor joined h… Read more As I wandered down the beach toward the shoreline my head was swirling with mixed emotions.

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