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That is until you see the back cover and you realise that it’s about making money with blogs.

Whilst I do like the title of the book, I think something like ‘How to make money online with blogs’ would have been more descriptive.

The whole thing links to wikipedia.org, but there is no history section, link to the original article, or link to the GFDL.

Looks like these ones no longer infringes Wikipedia.

The first URL infringing on The Simpson's copyright is sombody else's problem.

Other pages besides "Sharon Tate" appear to be a partial derivation of older wikipedia articles, or, just possibly, some text from them has been uploaded to wikipedia, as I have found exact word for word passages in Jay Sebring and Charles Manson from around 2004 November 8 or later.

-Wikibob - Talk , 2005 May 22 (UTC) Sent standard violation letter to adminc-sponagl-nospam AT 7and adminc-sponagl AT 7. For future issues regarding 7val: Wikimedia Deutschland is in close contact with them.

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