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Sample Sentence: Because it is one of the most widespread indigenous birds of Massachusetts, the chickadee was declared the state bird.You May Remember: The RE- prefix from unit 1 is NOT the one in play here – in this case, the RE- prefix means “back” and s a regression is a step back.An earlier similar phrase appears in Mark Twain's Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses, where he lists rule fourteen of good writing as "eschew surplusage".In white-box cryptography, obfuscation refers to the protection of cryptographic keys from extraction when they are under the control of the adversary, e.g., as part of a DRM scheme.For instance, if you read an article about whaling that uses the word "moratorium" and you think that a "moratorium" is a special type of aquarium, your understanding of the entire passage will be hindered since "moratorium" actually refers to the freezing, pausing, or halting of something, in this case the practice of whaling.Imagine if you then used the word "aquarium" when you should have used "moratorium." You run the risk of embarrassment if you use it with someone who knows the actual meaning; even worse, you could pass on incorrect information to another individual who would then be equally misinformed.You May Remember: From unit 7, the -IST suffix is “one who does” so a nihilist is a “nothing-creator” Sample Sentence: He had started out as a member of the student council during his freshmen year at college, but he quickly became bitter against all political structures and became a nihilist.You May Remember: CON- (from unit 5) means together, so to congregate is literally to “group together” Sample Sentence: For the final four or five minutes of lunch period every day, students congregate in the lobby outside of the cafeteria, waiting for the bell.

You May Remember: From unit 5, E- as a prefix means “out from” so elucidating something is helping an idea come out from the light (to let it be seen, perhaps) Sample Sentence: The English teacher could see that his students were confused, so he tried to elucidate the meaning of the poem.Literally, the phrase means "avoid being unclear" or "avoid being unclear, support being clear", but the use of relatively uncommon words causes confusion in much of the audience (those lacking the vocabulary), making the statement an example of irony, and more precisely a heterological phrase.The phrase has appeared in print at least as early as 1959, when it was used as a section heading in a NASA document.The dictionary is filled with formal definitions, but it is not the only place where you will find them.Writers often include formal definitions when they are writing about something that may be unfamiliar to their readers.

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Both situations can be avoided when you are able to identify the correct definition.

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