Elena and damon dating 2016

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Elena and damon dating 2016

vampire diaris is about Elena, a mortal girl, who falls for stephan, a vampire boy.stephan is one of those good vampires that doesn't kill people forr blood, he drinks the blood of animals. At the end of season 6, the two plan to become human, get married, and have children together, but their dream is abruptly compromised by Kai, who puts Elena into a magical coma.Damon remains entirely devoted to Elena throughout the remaining two seasons as Elena sleeps peacefully.On March 9, 2009, it was announced that Bulgarian-born Canadian actress Nina Dobrev, known for her portrayal of Mia Jones on Degrassi: The Next Generation, had joined the cast of The Vampire Diaries as Elena.Executive producer Kevin Williamson recalled Dobrev auditioning while having the flu, which he described as the "worst audition ever", and they "didn't even look at her a second time".

Damon is mean and daring but he has tried to be nice Elena, but sadly he drinks human blood…She took the cure and became human again towards the end of the sixth season.In the finale of the sixth season, Kai linked Elena to Bonnie's life by magic.Instead, she became a nicer, relatable and more of "the girl next door" type, until her life gets flipped upside down when she meets the Salvatore Brothers.In April 2015, Nina Dobrev announced that she would be departing the series after the sixth season finale.

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Grayson Gilbert (paternal uncle)Miranda Gilbert (paternal aunt)John Gilbert (biological father)Isobel Flemming (biological mother)Jeremy Gilbert (paternal cousin)Jenna Sommers (aunt)Alaric Saltzman (guardian)Stefan Salvatore (brother-in-law)Amara (maternal ancestor; doppelgänger of)Tatia (maternal ancestor; doppelgänger of)Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova (maternal ancestor; doppelgänger of)Nadia Petrova (maternal ancestor) Jonathon Gilbert (paternal ancestor) Samantha Gilbert (paternal ancestor) Elena Gilbert is a fictional character and protagonist from the television series The Vampire Diaries.