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I always made his assignments, his projects and all his school stuffs.

He never asked me to do so but I just really wanted to render my service to him.

My friends told me that it will give me inspiration in the things I would do. I easily gave meaning all the things that he did to me.

Some would say that instead of being inspired, it may then lead to my devastation. This meanings led me to my conclusion that “We’re on” and “It’s official”.

According to the University of Florida IFAS Extension as Welton, Rose (2014) cited on her article that teenagers face a strong pressure to date form peers and they might not be emotionally prepared to handle the demands of a relationship.

It would really give the pain of regret of choosing your date mate than your friends.

It would really be one factor that the student will drop the class.

The joy and the pain I had encountered caused me to be distracted. Barbara Greenbergy on the same article of Welton (2014) that teen might neglect friendships while in a dating relationship that might cause her to lose the peer support system.

This has a negative impact on the grades if the relationship ends badly that might cause her to become alienated from some friendships and making it hard for her to enjoy anymore the concept of going school.

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I was totally crying and sobbing about the pain I felt inside. It seems million of butterflies are all in my stomach. I was not able to control it and I did not even know how to handle it. I was just too happy that I decided that it must be as it is. I was also active to both academic and extra-curricular activities.